Sample of photos of Torians who are in the book

Chapter 4, William Henry Torian’s descendants, ca 1906, McCracken County, Kentucky, identified by Rosalie Torian McCreary in 1977

Back row seated: Ed Torian (son of Dan Torian), Minnie Torian, friend Jonnie Sutters, Annie Bell Torian

Front row: probably Dan Torian, Eulah Torian, Dora Torian holding Laurence, John Anderson Torian holding Carl Torian, William Henry Torian, Bob Torian holding Oscar, Emillie Nall Torian holding Dewey, Rosalie Torian standing, Cleo Torian in the chair



Chapter 6, Peggy Brown Chapman



Chapter 7, Agnes Bethell Torian (1821-1852)



Chapter 7, Dr. Thomas G. Torian Jr. (Husband of Agnes Bethell Torian) (1810-1854)



Chapter 9, George Lynn Torian (1805-1889)




Chapter 9, Sarah Hodgson Torian (1880-1961) & husband Dr. Oscar Noel Torian (1875-1971)





Chapter 9, Thomas T. Torian (1813-1881), photo taken in 1868




Chapter 11, Charles Henry Torian (1860-1936)





Chapter 18, Bess Torian Palenske (1884-1968)






Chapter 18,   back view of Nathaniel Torian’s house in Person County, North Carolina, chimney says built 1822



 Order Book 1, page 64, Lunenburg County Virginia, Scher’s Oath




Scher Torian’s Oath in 1746 

















I visited Lunenburg County, Virginia Courthouse in July 2010 and took these photos of the Will Book No 1 1746-1762. The second photo shows that Scher’s will was typed and added into the Will Book later according to the story by Beth Torian Palenske on page 10 of the Torian Family History book.


George Evans, Hallie Torian Owen, & Jackie Evans Ledbetter, in 2010 at Andrew Torian’s property