Torians of Interest

Oscar Noel Torian, MD was born about 1874 in Indiana to Augustine G. Torian Sr. and Anna Shelby Boswell and was the grandson of George Lynn Torian and Harriet Burbridge Torian. Oscar married Sarah Hodgson in Tennessee and graduated from the University of the South at Sewanee and became a pediatrician. He retired in 1941 at the Indiana University medical school and returned to Sewanee to make his home. He spent his retirement practicing pediatrics for poor children in the Tennessee mountains until shortly before his death at the age of 95. His wife became archivist for the University and a room in the DuPont Library was named the Torian room in her honor. They are found in Chapter IX.


Virginia Carolyn Torian was born in 1837 to Thomas E. Torian and Agnes Glenn Bethell. She married Edwin B. Walters in 1860 and they lived in Baltimore, Maryland. His brother William Walters was a wealthy railroad man who gave liberally to charities and philanthropies. He had a passion for art and gave the money to begin the Walter Musuem in Baltimore.


Walter Scott Torian, was born about 1844 in Virginia to Dr. Thomas E. Torian Jr. and Agnes Glenn Bethell. Walter married Harriet Weeks, late in life when he was 64 years old. She was born in New Iberia, Louisiana and Walter and Harriet Weeks Torian are buried in New Orleans at Metairie Cemetery. Harriet's father, William F. Weeks ran a plantation which today still exists as the Shadows on the Teche. It is a museum and open to the public to see what life was like during the civil war on a plantation. More information is available at: They are found in chapter VII. Torian family photos are on this site.


Bess Torian was born in 1884 in Virginia to Robert Albert Torian and Nannie Mantz. Bess researched Torians for many years and made trips all over the country. She married Charles Palenske, a dentist and they lived in West Plains, Missouri. Much of her research is the structure from which the late Peggy Chapman worked. Bess found very early deeds, wills and wrote many letters to Torians in the early 1900s which enabled her to put the generations together. Bess is a descendant of Nathaniel Torian and is found in chapter XVIII.


Another interesting website is the Dupre Library at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana. I ordered 226 pages of materials from the Givens and Hopkins Families Papers, Collection 8, found in their special collections at: The material was donated by Lyle Givens Williams, a descendant of John S. Givens Sr. who married Sarah Lyle "Sallie" Torian, daughter of  Dr. Thomas E. Torian and Agnes Glenn Bethell. Included in the material are copies of correspondence between Dr. Phillip Burton and Hallie Torian (now Owen) during the 1960s. Many photos are also included. They are found in chapter VII. Unfortunately none of this material is online.

The Torian Cabin is an old cabin in Tarrant County, Texas in which John R. Torian and family lived. Visit or just type in "Torian Cabin" in your browser to search for information about.